Sheyenne Schultz

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  • DIESELWEST1 Friend


    Tue, Jul 10, 2012


  • DIESELWEST1 Friend


    Tue, Jul 10, 2012


  • spion Client, Buyer

    Sheyenne is a pro through and through! Efficient and gets things done! I think she's awesome and highly recommend her for all your real estate needs!

    Mon, Jul 9, 2012
  • Kennyproctor Real Estate Pro

    Sheyenne is a very professional and diligent agent. She covers all of the bases so there are no surprises and everyone is kept informed of the transaction. I would think any buyer or seller would be fortunate to have her as their real estate agent.

    Mon, Jun 18, 2012
  • Skyzthelimit1 Client, Buyer

    Sheyenne helped me find the exact house I was looking for. She didn't give up until she found it. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a house.

    Thu, Apr 26, 2012
  • Slideshake Client, Seller

    Sheyenne did a great job selling my house. She is comprehensive, knows her job and pays attention to details like you would not believe. She gets the job done and gives your property all the attention it needs to sell it. She worked very hard and produced results. She has high energy and focuses on doing the job fast and correct. She is great with paper work and pays attention to all the details so that it is done correctly the first time. She is a good support and represents your interest. She is fair and sells for the best price she can get in accordance with market values. I would recommend her if you are looking for a professional who knows her business, real estate.

    Thu, Apr 12, 2012
  • methaiger Client, Seller

    Sheyyenne Schultz put my home on the martket and sold my home at asking price in less then 3 weeks. Sheyyenne Schultz, is a compassionate and hardworking human being with perseverance and ambition. I would recomended her to anyone looking to sell or buy a home.

    Wed, Apr 11, 2012
  • Bob Client, Buyer

    Shy you're awesome! I found u right here off of Trulia. We spoke and u instantly got what I was looking for. U made sure I got pre approved first. And in 24 hours ...we were shopping. I found what I wanted THAT wkend. U really took the time to help explain the buying process. To me, that was very important, because I had no clue what I was doing. U even got the 2 friends I referred to u into the homes they liked, and they looked unsuccessfully for months. With u, it only took 2 wknds. I will definitely be using u again and have no hesitation recommending u to anyone I know. Thanks, Bob

    Wed, Apr 11, 2012
  • joshmoorvitch Real Estate Pro

    Sheyenne is an excellent no-nonsense type of agent. She is very effective and gets her deals closed. She knows how to close!

    Tue, Apr 10, 2012
  • cat3062 Friend

    Sheyenne is one of the most hard working, resourceful and motivated professional people that I've ever met. I have known her for 12 years and seen her successfully build any business venture that she pursues. I highly recommend her in buying and selling your property, she is a real go getter!

    Mon, Apr 9, 2012
  • ccraftal Friend

    Sheyenne is one of the most resourceful persons that I matter what the situation...I'm confident that she'll deal with it! When it comes to making lemonade out of Lemons...she makes the best tasting lemonade! In the real estate arena...Her mind-set makes her an invaluable resource for the buyer and seller...stick with her...she'll never steer you wrong!

    Mon, Apr 9, 2012
  • mstevens Client, Seller

    We just closed escrow on my house. Shy,you were great! We did a short sale and I had no idea what to do when my loan mod was denied. You explained short sales and even got me $8000.00 from my bank as relocation money. This helped alot. Before you, I had another realtor tell me to just file bankruptcy, because she didn't know how to do short sales. When I saw your record on short sales, I knew I found the right person. Thanks for taking an emotional time for me and turning it into something that was not so scary after all. You just got my sister an approval from her bank on her home too. She is so excited. Keep up the good work. Will recommend you in the future. James

    Mon, Apr 9, 2012
  • Roger Martinez Real Estate Pro

    I have never seen a woman work so hard for her clients and I've been doing this 10 years now. Don't get me wrong, other agents work hard that's certain, but Shyenne is simply eschalon material and you should definitely gain from her in-depth knowledge and experience. She's literally the hardest working agent I've met. Look at her credentials! That alone speaks volumes.

    Mon, Apr 9, 2012
  • abes213 Client, Buyer

    Great agent. Very helpful. Quick to answer any questions.

    Mon, Apr 9, 2012
  • She gave me all i need she then listed everything she e-mailed and to me everything, so we can work faster and done right.

    Mon, Apr 9, 2012
  • Sheyenne is a true professional Real Estate Agent that knows the in & outs of the Real Estate Business. I highly Recommend her as your next realtor,be there your buying or selling. Good Luck Apple Termite

    Mon, Apr 9, 2012




"I have stage 4 lung cancer and am over 75. I had 2 huge lots in Hawthorne, with my house on 1 lot. I had asked several builders what I could sell both lots for and they gave me prices anywhere from $100000 to tops $250,000. I thought that was low. I contacted Shy and she did the comps and informed me that both lots combined should be able to be sold for at least $475,000 and that the builders were trying to take advantage of me. I listed with Shy and she marketed it first to her network of buyers and barely put on the mls when she got me a buyer who paid $525,000. $50,000 OVER what she said we could get. I was super happy! Buyer had problems getting loan with my lots. She worked out the deal where buyer paid me 50%down in cash , and the remaining cash within 4 months by being creative and working out this deal. I was able to marry my fiance and go on vacation...being given less than 2 years to live. God Bless!!" 

Ed W. Hawthorne, Ca  Tue Feb 23, 2010
"I wanted to buy a home for my daughter in the Carson area near her grandmother. Shy found us a short sale and got us a huge discount. Bank wanted $310,000 and Shy argued with bank and told them they needed to come down on price due to work needed on the house. We hung in there and 1 month later, bank came back with a price of $275,000! We opened escrow the next day. Thanks Shy" 
Hugo Lambert Family Sat Jan 2, 2010
"Shy really fought for me. I was able to buy with the Access Down Payment Assistance Program. We found a nice condo in Long Beach..and fought dearly for it...the bank EVEN did ALL my request for repairs, even when the other agent said the bank wouldn't ...Shy did not back down and asked for the repairs and got the bank to do ALL of them. We almost didn't make the cut off date, but she got the lender to extend the date and close on my new home so I was not homeless.. you are a bulldog when it comes to fighting for us buyers...thanks Shy If you weren't so tenacious, I wouldn't be in my new condo right now...heck, I'm even on the condo board now and we are making changes for the better here in my building!" 
Tim Davis Wed Jul 8, 2009
"I am from Tanzania and 60 years old. I came to the USA several years ago and moved to Miami first. I then came here to the SouthBay and work for the Government. I found Shy online and she was warm and friendly and listened to what I wanted. I wanted a home that my grown kids could come and visit me in several times a year that was in my price range. I got pre approved in less than 24 hours by listening to her and supplying the proper documents to her lender. We then went looking and found my perfect home on the 2nd trip. She even helped hook me up with a great agent in Miami who is selling my home there now. I can't wait to close and move in to my new home this week. Thank you Shy, you must come over for the first BBQ! lol" 
Augustine Ilole Gardena, Ca Sun Mar 29, 2009
"I am Vietnamese and I needed to buy a home fast for my brother and his wife and 2 kids, and a place for me to bunk at when I am here in LA. I found Shy online and spoke with her and we hit it off immediately! We went looking 3 days later since I had all cash. She found me too many homes! We made 5 offers and got EVERY ONE accepted! She and I were flabbergasted! Now I had to pick from 5 properties and see which one I wanted the best that would fit my brother and his family's needs and satisfy mine too! We picked one, and closed in less than 2 wks since it was all cash! Before that I had looked for several months with another realtor and on my own. Shy made it happen fast, and I am able to get back to Vietnam now and come back and visit here in the summer. My relatives are in a home they like and we are happy and I can come and go now and breathe easier. I still can't believe it happened this fast! I am buying an investment property again in a couple of months and I will definitely be calling my buddy, Shy." 
Huyen Duong Torrance, Ca Sun Mar 15, 2009
"Shy was referred to us by our lender. We found a bank owned home in Torrance and needed to make an offer fast. We came in, and met Shy and made the offer the same day. Unfortunately, we were in back up position. But Shy told us to go shopping with her the next day and pulled up 9 homes that fit our criteria. Prior to that we had been looking for months with no hope in site, and even thought we would have to move to Temecula. We had made offers with other realtors and we lost out on the deals and still had no home. We found our dream home the next day when Shy took us shopping...she told us what to offer, and how to present our offer and we came in first and our offer was stronger than anyone else's. They accepted our offer that same night before midnight. We couldn't believe it. Alittle over 30 days later we were in our home with a pool and in the same schoold district for our kids. We didn't even need to switch schools...!! Alittle over 30 days ago, I never would have believed it if someone told me we would be the proud owners of a home with a pool in the 90504 zip code of Torrance. Thanks Shy, for making our home ownership dream come true and getting us the $8000 1st time homebuyer tax credit!" 
Laurie and Aaron Sargent Torrance, Ca Sat Feb 28, 2009
"After interviewing several agents. I settled on Shy. She was sincer, and listened to my needs. She walked me through the process and made sure I was pre-approved before we went shopping, so I would know what I could shop for. She did not waste my time. We found my house on the first shopping trip. Before, I was renting a 1 bedroom apt in San Pedro and now I am a first time homeowner, and got the $7500 tax credit. I now own a 3 bedroom home in Torrance. Thanks Shy" 
Brian Grant, Torrance Ca Thu Jan 29, 2009
"I am a teacher with the LA Unified School District and I am a Chinese interpreter who has been here in the USA for 7 years. I was living in Hollywood and commuting to the southbay to teach school. I wanted to live in the southbay...and ran into Sheyenne and she immediately starting looking for me. I took several months to find a place due to a credit situation that had to be cleared up, but Shy put me in touch with her credit rep and it was cleared up in 3 weeks. She helped me in 3 wks when other people couldn't help me for months. She found the beautiful 3 level townhome with 2 skylights, fireplace, wetbar, 2 car attached garage, and 3 balconies right after another buyer backed out. Shy made an offer the next day before anyone else could take it away from me. We are in escrow now and I can't wait to move in the first of October..and my escrow will be less than 21 days....thank you Shy for being my friend and looking out for my son, Larry and my husband Tom and for me...and thank you for the 3% downpayment program you found for me since we did not have lots of money saved up." 
Lin Kuang, Gardena, CA Mon Sep 22, 2008
"I didn't think I had enough money saved up to buy a home...I didn't even have 3% saved up in the bank. Shy kept telling me about a downpayment assistance program that paid the down payment and all closing costs...I finally listened and saw her lender. When they explained it to me..I was flabbergasted. All I had to do was put $2000 down as an earnest money $300 for a home inspection and $400 for an appraisal and I had my home. I got into a home for under $3000 dollars...I can't believe it...1 month ago I was a renter and now I'm a homeowner before home prices start going up. Not only am I going to get the tax benefits of owning a home this year but she got me an extra credit with the first time homebuyer's tax credit of an additional $7500...if you buy before July 2009. After I got pre-approved, I was shopping for homes the next day...we found my home on the third day and in under 10 properties...I'm the proud owner of a bank owned home, and we beat out all other offers. The bank had just dropped the price that morning $20,000..and Shy found it and we made an offer...saving me $20,000. And we closed escrow in 21 days...which was great! Thanks wife and my 2 year old son, now have a gated home instead of an apartment with no yard. Thank you for looking out for us!" 
Michael Stevens Family, Torrance, CA Thu Sep 18, 2008
"I found Shy online and after 1 conversation, I was hooked. She completely made sense. We called her lender and got PRE-APPROVED the next day..One day later we were shopping for properties....and within 8 properties...we found "the one", it was the 8th one! She saved the best for last! We made an offer immediately and beat out all others in a multiple offer situation...she got us into a bank owned home that needed almost no fixing at was almost turnkey!. She had an awesome "system" that we followed to the T...and she delivered. Before that, we had used my cousin unsuccessfully for 3 months...when I called Shy she was blunt and said...Do you want to do a relative a favor or buy a home? What she said hit home..and I'm glad I listened. She has not only become our realtor, she has become our friend. I'm glad I met you Shy! You're a godsend!" 
Veronica and Frances Diaz, San Pedro, CA Fri Aug 15, 2008